Fernando Ferreira dos Santos is a photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal, where he was born in 1965.

Contrasting with today's busy life in the cities, where we all work long hours having no time for anything else, his photography wants to give us a resting place for our eyes and our soul. He usually takes us to the wilderness to bring us peace and time for contemplation. He focus on images that are pleasant to most of us, and that we would like to have surrounding us, being it on your living room, or in our company's meeting room or reception.

After too many years working as a software engineer, Fernando started to get more serious with his photography back in 2004, and has been perfecting his craft ever since.

Some of his work is available in signed limited editions fine art prints that you can buy for yourself, for your company, or as a valuable gift to someone.

For more information, please email fernando@fernandosantos.com

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